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Contact State Budget Conferees

Both versions of the House and Senate budgets make significant cuts that will adversely affect counties, but given a choice between the two, the Senate version is generally better for counties.

It's important for you to contact your legislators and the members of the conference committee and encourage them to support a version of the budget that will have a lesser impact on local property taxes. Some elements of the Senate version county officials should support include (numbers are for the biennium):

  • Lateral road fund — $14.6 million; funding eliminated by the House
  • Gross weight/axle fee — $15 million; funding eliminated by the House
  • Community probation diversion programs — Senate version is $39.9 million more than the House’s version
  • Governor’s disaster relief funds — $25 million; virtually eliminated by the House
  • Community Mental Health Services — Senate version includes $215 million more than the House version

More details regarding the differences may be found in the following article on the state budget.