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Cancer Prevention, Research Funding Available

The Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT) solicited TAC's help in getting the word out about its programs and services. We think this information will be helpful to counties. Please find an article provided by CPRIT below.

In 2007, Texas voters overwhelmingly approved a constitutional amendment establishing the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT) and dedicating up to $3 billion to invest in groundbreaking cancer research and prevention programs and services in Texas. Passionately committed to the war on cancer, CPRIT focuses on expediting the innovation and commercialization of cancer research – in turn increasing the potential for a medical or scientific breakthrough – and enhancing access to evidence-based prevention programs and services. CPRIT accepts applications from Texas-based public and private entities for grants to support a wide variety of cancer-related research projects and for the delivery of cancer prevention programs and services.

CPRIT’s early success is due in large part to a grant review process that has enabled the Institute to make wise investments in all areas of cancer prevention, research and commercialization. As of March 29, 2012, CPRIT has awarded $670 million in grants to 72 institutions, organization and companies all over Texas for cancer, prevention, research, and commercialization.

CPRIT’s grant review process was nationally recognized after only one year of operations. Because of the Institute’s focus on excellence and its commitment to conflict-free review, CPRIT has been fortunate to recruit 200 highly qualified scientists and leading cancer experts – many that are preeminent authorities in their field – to review the large pool of applications submitted to CPRIT and recommend which projects should be funded. CPRIT’s prevention program has already touched almost every county in the state of Texas. In just less than two years, CPRIT-funded prevention projects report that almost 390,000 people received education, outreach, and navigation services. More than 97,000 people were screened for cancer, more than 30,000 of whom had never before been screened. In addition, projects report that almost 800 cancer precursors and more than 300 cancers have been detected as a result of CPRIT support. The graph shows the counties directly impacted by CPRIT’s prevention program.

Funding Opportunities
Your community, too, can apply to receive a CPRIT grant. In order to encourage innovation and impact, CPRIT offers several funding opportunities for promising cancer research and prevention programs.

Research awards span from basic science to translational research and clinical applications. These vary in amount and duration from the relatively modest short-term projects targeting early-stage ideas to complex, multi-year research programs at laboratories and research facilities throughout the state. CPRIT also seeks to encourage the commercialization of cancer detection, drugs and devises that demonstrate significant potential through cancer research commercialization awards.

Additionally, CPRIT offers cancer prevention funding opportunities aimed at delivering evidence-based education, navigation, and clinical services to populations and areas of the state in greatest need. To address the diverse and often complex cancer prevention and control needs of the state, the prevention program focuses on projects that are innovative in delivery, results oriented, and non-duplicative. In addition, projects are expected to leverage existing resources and to seek partnerships that will maximize reach into the community. All CPRIT funding opportunities are announced through formal Requests for Applications. Some requests seek applications for defined programs and have a specific deadline for proposals to be submitted to CPRIT. Other requests are continuously open and applications can be submitted at any time.

Applications for currently active award mechanisms must be submitted through the online application receipt system. Visit http://www.cprit.state.tx.us/funding-opportunities/ for more information.

Economic Impact
Investments in research, screening and similar activities aimed at reducing the incidence of cancer not only change lives but also generate great economic benefits in Texas. Such investments have the potential to both reduce the cost of cancer through improving outcomes and serve as a catalyst for business development in other related industries. The 2011 Economic Assessment of the Cost of Cancer and the Benefits of the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas and its Programs from The Perryman Group’s (TPG) are based on the most recent indicators of cancer incidence as well as results to date stemming from CPRIT grants.

According to TPG, the direct medical costs and morbidity and mortality losses associated with cancer in Texas is now estimated to be approximately $28.1 billion, up from $25.3 billion last year and an increase of 28.6 percent since 2007.

CPRIT strives to decrease these costs in Texas. The positive economic effects of research activities go far beyond the initial stimulus. Research leads to better cancer outcomes and, thus, lower costs. TPG found that every dollar invested by CPRIT returns $4.78 in output (real gross product) and $1.99 in annual state and local revenue. Even beyond the potentially life-changing influence of reducing the incidence and severity of cancer, the investment in research, screening, and other prevention activities generates substantial economic impacts. Moreover, the investment has the potential to reduce the cost of cancer through improving cancer treatment. Return on investments in medical research include jobs created in the private sector, health care costs saved, the value of increased longevity, the value of reduced morbidity and disability, and the benefits of newer medicines and therapies. TPG report is available on the CPRIT website.


CPRIT receives $600 million in appropriations from the Texas Legislature for the 2012-2013 biennium, for a total of more than $1 billion since its inception.

CPRIT awards $681 million in grants including $483 million for research projects, $70 million for prevention programs, and $118 million for companies since beginning operation in September 2009.

“CPRIT Scholars in Cancer Research” program attracts 38 outstanding cancer researchers, from around the United States to relocate to major Texas academic institutions.

CPRIT’s annual impact on Texas business activity is estimated to be almost $1 billion in output (real gross product).

CPRIT becomes one of the largest cancer research grant-making organizations in the nation.

More information about CPRIT’s progress is available in CPRIT’s annual report available at http://www.cprit.state.tx.us/about-cprit/reports.