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The Texas Association of Counties leadership program, Leadership 254, is designed to advance the skills of county officials to enable them to meet the unique challenges of their duties and to enhance their leadership skills and style.

The Association founded its leadership program in 2000. During 2015-16, TAC and a committee of county officials representing each county office from across the state worked together to retool the program to ensure that it continues to meet officials’ needs.

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Program Summary

Participants engage in interactive discussions, theory building, skill assessments and experiential learning activities that identify their potential to think and act outside existing limitations to redefine the possibilities they set for themselves, their courthouse, their county official association and their county constituents. 

Leadership 254 challenges, stretches and —  most importantly — transforms participants into leaders who positively affect their counties and Texas. 

Participants will Learn:

  • New dimensions of the self in relation to others;
  • Effective personal methodology for decision-making;
  • Principles for solutions to complex problems and the rules to conduct discourse;
  • The meaning of integrity and the skills needed to ensure its consistent practice;
  • How to align and inspire teams, how to collaborate, influence and create a vision that others will follow;
  • To self-assess personal leadership style and gain perspective through peer assessment;
  • Ways to enhance personal communication skills through experiential media relations training; and
  • To create their own transformational leadership plan and become a transformational leader in every aspect of life.

Continuing education credit will be available for most offices. 

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Participant Time Commitment

Participants complete four modules over the course of 14 months between election cycles. Each module is unique and significant in the participant’s process to self-reflect, grow and transform. See program agenda with dates and locations.

The estimated time commitment for each module ranges from two to three days, with a total training time commitment of 11 days for the entire program (not including travel time). Participants will complete pre-module and post-module assignments throughout the program, individually, in teams and with an accountability partner.

Leadership 254 is a continuous program where students are required to attend and complete all four modules in sequence. It is important the participants plan to arrive at the start time of each module and stay until the conclusion.

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Who Should Attend

Leadership 254 is an executive leadership program for county officials who want to develop a new way of thinking about leadership. The small class size creates an environment that encourages open communication and strong connections.
TAC aims to include two representatives from every county office in each class.

Special Services

To ensure this program is ADA accessible to all, please contact Education Program Manager at (800) 456-5974 if you need assistance.


Please contact Education Program Manager at (800) 456-5974 with any questions.