2017 Legislative Conference



More than 600 county officials from across the state gathered in Austin Aug. 23-25 for TAC’s annual Legislative Conference to learn about and discuss the Legislature’s rocky regular and special sessions that affected county government and local property taxpayers. 

During the three days, county officials heard from not only their peers in public service, but also experts on a wide variety of issues and the legislators who worked on those issues at the Capitol. 

This year’s discussion sessions included a number of topics from the state budget to criminal justice reform. In this issue we recap just a few of the sessions offered, including:

Technology in Courts – The Future of Re:SearchTX (read it here )

Community Collaboratives: Bringing Your Community Together for Mental Health Success (Read it here )

Talking Property Taxes (read it here )

The Opening General Session kicked off when TAC Legislative Director Paul Sugg and his staff taking the stage to zero in on what the Legislature did and didn’t do. TAC’s Legislative Department filmed their 85th legislative session close-out episode of “TAC on the Lege ,” the roundtable-style discussion webcast launched at the beginning of the year.

This was followed by a big-picture-view of leadership from character coach, Aggie football chaplain, award-winning journalist and former Texas A&M University professor, Dr. Rick Rigsby (read it here ). 

The conference closed out Friday morning with the “Daytripper” himself, Chet Garner, who acted as emcee for the debut of a new series of Texas Counties Deliver videos and host of a panel of county officials who talked about how they work to communicate more effectively with their constituents about the value of county government (read it here ).


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