Facebook is the world’s largest social network service. Users can create a personal profile, add other users as friends, exchange messages and keep in touch with friends, family and colleagues. It connects those with shared interests across political, economic and geographic borders.

Download TAC’s Getting started with Facebook tip sheet to learn more about the social network and how you can make it work for you and your county.

​Houston County won a County Best Practices award for Exceptional Delivery of Service for their Facebook page. The county uses it as a tool to provide the public with important information and to promote awareness about the role of county government. Watch former Houston County Judge Lonnie Hunt talk about some of the successes and surprising results the county saw after creating a Facebook page.

Houston County isn’t alone on Facebook. Many counties, departments and county officials are already building their online followings. Here are just a few county Facebook pages worth taking a look at:

 TAC's Free Facebook Cover Photo Graphic


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​​​You can use this courthouse graphic, designed by TAC, as your Facebook cover photo. ​

To ensure compliance with the Open Meetings Act, please consult with your county attorney. If you have any questions about social media or would like to learn more about getting started, applying it to your specific needs and using it effectively, don't hesitate to contact TAC at (800) 456-5974.