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Welcome to County Government!

Congratulations on your recent appointment or election victory! As a county official winning your first election or being appointed can be a lot like buying the latest electronic gadget, and you may be asking, “Where’s the manual?” The Texas Association of Counties (TAC) can help guide you through your first few weeks in office and continue as a resource throughout your career in public service.

If this is your first experience as a public official, you have many questions about your role in county government and how you can make a difference in the lives of your constituents. The actions you take in your first few months in office will set the tone for your next four years.

As an organization created by and for Texas counties, TAC provides services to Texas counties and assistance to all county officials.

In December of even number years, we hold special Preparing to Take Office Workshops in locations around the state. These one-day sessions were created specifically with you in mind. We’ll cover topics essential to new officials such as the Fair Labor Standards Act, purchasing requirements, building alliances in the courthouse, the Open Meetings Act and the Public Information Act.

Also, we’ll send you a County Officials Survival Kit containing information and resources to help you get ready for your new position.

Elected and appointed public officials are required by a state law to recieve training in Texas open government laws. For more information on this training including free video training courses, checkout The Office of the Attorney General website.

We wish you the best as we work together to serve the people of Texas. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call your Association toll free at (800) 456-5974.