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Budget and Tax Planning Calendar

​To assist counties in the budget and tax rate adoption process, the Texas Association of Counties has prepared a  Budget and Tax Rate Planning Calendar for 2017-18​. This planning calendar is designed to aid officials as they develop their own localized calendar for their county. This is based on a fiscal year beginning Oct. 1, and takes into account the new simplified tax rate notice prescribed by Section 140.010 of the Local Government Code.
Remember that “one size does not fit all” and some statutes can be subject to interpretation. It’s a good idea to consult with your county attorney to review how this planning calendar applies in your county.
Another helpful link to information regarding the tax rate adoption process, including suggested tax rate notice forms to be used is on the Comptroller’s website.
For questions, please contact TAC's Toll-Free Helpline (888) ASK-TAC4 or (888) 275-8224 .​