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About TAC

With the formation of the Texas Association of Counties (TAC) in 1969, Texas counties joined together to improve and promote the value of county government on a statewide basis. TAC is the representative voice for all Texas counties and county officials and, through TAC, counties communicate the county perspective to state officials and the general public.

Understanding the way county government works and the value of county services helps state leaders preserve counties’ ability to serve their residents effectively. This cooperative effort is managed by a Board of county officials and every county office is represented on the Board. This group of local officials, each of whom is currently serving his or her community, establishes policy for TAC. During its annual budget process, the Board establishes the scope of TAC services and the amount of money that will be allocated to provide those services.

The Association’s constitution spells out its purpose:

  • To coordinate and augment the efforts of county officials to provide a responsive form of government to the people of Texas;
  • To further the interest of local government for the people of Texas; and
  • To assist the people and the counties in accomplishing their goals toward meeting the challenge of modern society.
Through TAC, counties respond to the needs of Texans by joining together in search of solutions for the challenges faced by all counties. Through TAC, county government’s leaders offer a variety of services that provide support as county officials work to provide vital services to local residents as efficiently as possible.

Services TAC members can count on: