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Health and Welfare

HHS Poverty Guidelines. The Poverty Guidelines are a simplification of the Poverty Threshold (see below) and are primarily used for administrative purposes such as determining eligibility in certain federal and state programs. The guidelines are issued each year by the U. S. Department of Health & Human Services in the Federal Register.

Ask ERIC. An online digital library of education research and information.

LibGuides at University of Texas School of Public Health. Established to provide a convenient access point for health-related data for Texas. The objective is to be a source of information for assessment of community health and public health planning.

Bureau of Vital Statistics Annual Reports. Texas vital statistics annual reports.

CHARTing Health Information for Texas: County Overviews. Lists several quick guide links to the health of a county. From the UT School of Public Health at Houston.

Community Resource Coordination Groups of Texas. Coordinate services for children and youths who need services from more than one agency.

Health Districts. A map showing the location of the Health Districts.

Hospital Districts and Public Hospitals. A map showing the location of the Health Districts and all the public hospitals in Texas from the Texas Legislative Council. This is a large map. Right click on the link and save the map to your computer before viewing.

KFF State Health Facts. State level health related data from the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation.

National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS). The NCHS health statistics allow them to monitor trends in health status and health care delivery, provide information for making changes in public policies and programs, and evaluate the impact of health policies and programs.

Poverty Thresholds by Year. From the U.S. Bureau of the Census. See Poverty Measurement for a definition of the Poverty Threshold. See also HHS Poverty Guidelines above.

Texas Department of State Health Services. Statistics, publications, and reports on any and all health related issues in Texas.

  • Texas Health Data. Create maps and tables on the fly to view health data for the state or counties.
  • Texas Health Facts. Formerly known as County Fact Sheets. Includes data by county on demography, socioeconomic indicators, Medicaid, natality, communicable diseases, mortality, health professionals, health facilities, TDH program information and local health department summaries
  • Rules and Regulations. State health rules and regulations.
  • Medical and Research Library. With over 250 links, the Library guides you to electronic journals, government resources, health associations, access to Medline, other health libraries, general reference sites, Internet search engines, health information, and statistics.