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Basic Texas County Data

Advanced Search. Need to find out which Texas counties meet certain basic criteria? Then this is the place to start. Search on population, demographics, county property tax rates, etc. Call us if you need help with this feature or if you need more complex searches performed.
County Profiles. Select a county to see the most asked for county data elements such as tax rates, 2000 Census population and population estimates, county road miles and expenditures and more.

Civil Service

Counties with Civil Service Systems - 2009. Includes those counties that have civil service systems as of October 2009, a complete list of all eligible counties, and references to relevant statutes.
Counties with Civil Service Systems - 2018. An updated report on which counties use civil service systems in Texas.

County Expenditures Report

County Expenditures Survey Report 2012. Results of TAC's 2012 survey on selected county expenditures.
County Expenditures Survey Report 2014. Results of TAC's 2014 survey on selected county expenditures.
County Expenditures Survey Report 2016. Results of TAC's 2016 survey on selected county expenditures

County Roads

County Road System Report 2017. Provides the results of the 2017 TAC Road System Survey on the types of road systems used by Texas counties including the "unit road system." The report includes a map showing which counties use the various types of road systems.
County Road System Report 2010. This document provides the results of the TAC Unit Road Survey to determine the type of road systems used by Texas counties. A map is included showing which counties use the various types of road systems authorized by the Transportation Code: ex officio, road commissioner, road superintendent, and road department (aka, the "unit road system").

County Property Taxes

Revenue Cap Levy Loss Calculator. A calculator to help you understand the fiscal impact of revenue caps on your county. The model is designed to calculate each fund one year at a time.
County Tax Rates, General Fund. History of General Fund county property tax rates  as reported to the Texas Comptroller Public Accounts.

County Tax Rates, Total. History of total county property tax rates as reported to the Texas Comptroller Public Accounts.

Texas Counties with a Property Tax Ceiling for Over 65/Disabled Homeowners. Based on information provided in the 2015 County Report of Property Value submitted by the counties.
Levy by Type of Local Government. Pie chart (PDF) showing what percent of the total property tax was levied by the different types of local governments in 2013. You can also download the MS Excel workbook with both the chart and the data used to create the PDF document.

County Maps

Health Districts. A map showing the location of the Health Districts, as well as the county boundaries.
County Map. A map of the state with the county boundaries and names. Here's a different version in JPEG format.
Texas Counties and Cities. Texas Counties, Cities and Highways Map. Shows county boundaries, cities and major highways. Inserts are included on the map to show greater detail for some of the largest Texas cities and the lower Rio Grande area.
Texas Counties and County Seats. Includes some larger cities, also.
Texas Counties and Major Rivers. Includes county borders, county seats and major rivers within the state. 
Texas County and Highway Map. Includes county boundaries, major highways and county seats.
Texas County and Highway Map with Grid. Includes county boundaries, major highways and county seats. This map has a list of each county name indexed to a grid overlaying the state allowing for easy location of each county  very useful if you don't have the location of every county memorized!
Texas County and Highway Map with Surrounding Region. Includes county boundaries, major highways and cities.
Texas County Formation Maps. Shows development of the counties from the Mexican municipalities of 1834 to the present.
Texas County Locator Map. Need to know where a county can be found? Try this interactive map from the CIP.
Texas County Relief Map. Map of the state showing county boundaries and seats along with major rivers, mountain ranges and other geographical features.


​​Metropolitan and Micropolitan Statistical Areas in Texas with Component Counties. Based on the Office of Management and Budget's February 2013 bulletin announcing metropolitan and micropolitan statistical areas as of February 2013, based on application of the 2010 OMB standards to 2010 Census and 2006-2010 American Community Survey data. 

Other Reports  

Autopsy Costs in Various Counties. This is a County Information Program report on certain operating costs in the various Medical Examiners' Offices (ME's) in Texas, in PDF format. In 2010, a series of three articles reported on updated autopsy costs in County Issues.
Costs to Local Governments from Implementing the Adam Walsh Act. Report on the anticipated costs to cities and counties if the State of Texas implements certain parts of the Adam Walsh Act. The report focuses on costs associated with the Sex Offender Registration and Notification Program (SORNA).
County Jail Survey Report 2008. Results of TAC's 2008 survey on illegal immigrants in Texas county jails, in PDF format.
Election Worker Payments​. Are election workers employees or contractors? Do they receive a 1099 or a W-2? For answers, see this short document from TAC. In PDF format. Updated February 2018.
Texas County Fiscal Years. Information on county fiscal years and a table listing each county's fiscal year; updated January 2016.

Towns & Cities

Population of Texas Cities and Towns Sorted by County. A list of cities and towns in Texas sorted by county along with their populations.