About CIP

‚ÄčThe County Information Program of the Texas Association of Counties was formed by the TAC Board in 1998 for the purpose of collecting, maintaining, and disseminating county-level and county-related data. The Project has a broad scope and has expanded its mission since its inception. At this time, the major components of the Project are:

The County Database

The Project has the responsibility for the development of a database of county-level and county-related data including local government structure and programs, county financial data, demographic data, taxes, economic data, etc. The initial database has been created and is going through its evaluation period. At this point, the primary benefit of the database is that it pulls together several different sources of county information into one, searchable, database.

Geographic Information Systems

Geographic Information System (GIS) software and information are spectacular tools for a variety of purposes including emergency response, planning, and preparing thematic views of data. The Project is working toward offering many, if not most, of its data in a GIS-readable format.