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Workers' Compensation

Workers’ compensation covers the cost of medical treatment and lost income for workers who are injured in the course and scope of their duties. By law, employers are liable for these costs when an employee is hurt on the job.  The TAC Risk Management Pool (RMP) offers several options for counties to finance these risks:

  • Fully-funded (pooled) coverage — The Pool offers this option for those counties that want to completely transfer the risks and costs associated with injured workers. This is the most popular option because it offers a guaranteed cost.   

  • High-deductible program — The Pool offers high deductible plans for those counties that are willing to accept some of the risks. A high deductible program is a great choice for medium or large counties that want to take on more risk and can tolerate fluctuations in monthly costs.  This type of arrangement can offer many of the advantages of self-insurance, without the associated administrative work that comes with being a self-insured employer. 

  • The Alliance — TAC RMP has partnered with other public entity pools to develop a panel of high-quality health care providers that give your injured workers the care they need to recover and return to the workforce. By focusing on quality, the Alliance has proven to provide better outcomes and lower overall costs. The Alliance is only available to counties that participate in the TAC RMP workers' compensation coverage. 

Who to contact for further information

Workers' Compensation Claim Services
TAC’s third party administrator is JI Specialty Company in Austin. Claims should be reported directly to JI at (800) 752-6301. First reports of injury and bills for medical treatment can be mailed to:
P. O. Box 160120
Austin, TX 78716

or submitted via FAX
(512) 346-9321 
Injured Workers, call our claims administrator at (800) 752-6301.
Claims Fax: (512) 346-9321
Find your risk management consultant, underwriter and member services representative:
General Workers' Compensation questions: 
For questions regarding a specific claim, call our claims administrator, (800) 752-6301.
Claims Services Application Access
For members who have been granted access

Access to the  Claims Services section is limited, but we will be expanding these services to members to allow for online reporting and viewing of claims reports. TAC will contact individual members as access becomes available. 
Learn about our Risk Control program for workers' compensation.