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Unemployment Compensation Fund

The Unemployment Compensation Fund operates as a group account as authorized under Chapter 205 of the Texas Labor Code. Members of the Fund have elected to become reimbursing employers rather than pay the state unemployment payroll tax. Fund members make regular payments into an escrow account that is used to reimburse the state for members’ unemployment claims.

In addition to the savings achieved by being a reimbursing employer, as a Fund member you receive valuable services to help you manage and control your unemployment costs. Members benefit from the expertise of TAC HR Consultants, and expert assistance to help you prepare for and participate in contested claims before the Texas Workforce Commission. The Fund has contracted with Equifax Workforce Solutions to assist with claims administration. 


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Phone:  (512) 478-8753
Claims:  Scott Verhey, Equifax Workforce Solutions, (314) 684-2440
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