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Risk Control Services

TAC’s Risk Control Services works with counties and other local government organizations that are members of TAC’s Risk Management Pool to minimize their cost of risk through customized risk control programs. These services are value-added benefits of Pool membership.

Specialized consultants provide Pool members with on-site consultations, policy assistance and training. They provide members advice on risk management, risk control, law enforcement and human resources and can answer most questions related to county operations including those about technical, insurance and customer service issues, and provide help with general problem solving.
Risk Control Services staff are knowledgeable and experienced in their specific fields, but also in: Texas government; county organizations; elected officials’ duties and responsibilities; and legal liabilities and potential loss exposures for county operations such as road construction, law enforcement operations and office environments.
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Risk Management Consultants & Services

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Law Enforcement Consultants & Services

Risk Control Consultants & Services

Risk Control Training

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For more information about the risk control services offered to Pool members, please contact TAC at (800) 456-5974 or email , risk control manager.