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Safety Award Program

Counties across the state work hard to prevent employee injuries and to increase work area safety. Each year, TAC bestows three types of safety awards to recognize county efforts to promote safety. All counties and other governmental organizations participating in the TAC Risk Management Pool’s (RMP) workers’ compensation coverage

program are eligible to apply for these annual safety awards.

Safety Award – Given to counties that meet the award criteria outlined below.

Gold Star Award – Given to counties with an active safety program that meets the award criteria for two consecutive years and whose upper management, governing board or commission that directs the entity’s operations, exhibit support for the program.

Making a Difference Award – Given to individuals who demonstrate excellent involvement in and commitment to workplace safety. Winners are selected by TAC RMP's risk control consultants.,

Eligibility Criteria for 2014 Safety Award and Gold Star Award
Counties and other governmental organizations that are members of TAC RMP participating in workers' compensation coverage program must meet the criteria and deadlines below to be eligible for either the Safety Award or the Gold Star Award.

By May 30, applicants must submit:

  • A completed Safety Award Application. (Complete and submit online or download, complete and email to ;
  • A copy of a safety resolution adopted by the commissioners court. (Sample resolution in MS Word and PDF.); and
  • A copy of the seat belt use policy. (Sample policy in MS Word and PDF.)

By June 30, applicants must:

  • Have an active accident prevention plan. (Sample plan in MS Word and PDF.) An implementation guide is included to assist you in the preparation of your plan. (Sample plan in MS Word and PDF.) If necessary, contact your risk control consultant to schedule an accident prevention plan evaluation.
  • Adopt an incident review committee for law enforcement operations. Contact your assigned risk control or law enforcement consultant. Contact your risk control consultant or law enforcement consultant to arrange this if needed.

By Dec. 12, applicants must:

  • Not exceed a loss ratio (workers’ compensation loss/manual contribution) greater than 75 percent. The applicant’s risk control consultant will calculate this ratio.

Evaluation Process and Award Notification

During the selection process, each applicant will be evaluated individually by their TAC risk control consultant. TAC recognizes that the nature of many county jobs is hazardous, and loss ratios can be severely affected by an unfortunate situation at no fault of the employee. TAC consultants will consider this during the selection process.