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Law Enforcement Video Training Program Rules

  1. The amount of TCOLE credit hours awarded for each video is predetermined by TAC and may not be amended by the entities.

  2. Only those videos listed in the TAC Law Enforcement Video Training Program catalog are worth TCOLE credit. Law Enforcement videos from other sources will not count towards receiving TCOLE credit hours from TAC.

  3. There is no limit to how many videos a participant may receive credit for; however, participants may receive credit only once for the same video each calendar year.

  4. In order to request a video, entities must fill out a TAC Video Request Form or submit an online Video Request Form.

  5. Requests for videos will be accepted via email, by phone or fax. Each video will be sent on a first-come/first-served basis and will have a two-week loan period. Entities may call TAC and request an extension, which will be granted if no other request for the video has been made.

  6. Each Video Training Instructor must fill out an Affidavit of Video Training Instructor.

  7. Each participant in the video training must fill out a green Record of Attendance Sheet and successfully complete a quiz at the end of the session in order to receive TCOLE credit from TAC.

  8. TAC will grade all quizzes and notify the Video Training Instructor with certificates of training. Any disputes concerning grades and credit should be directed to the TAC Law Enforcement Supervisor. If there is a failing grade, TAC will notify the Video Training Instructor and have the participant re-take the quiz. TAC will not award TCOLE credit hours for the participant until the participant passes the quiz.

  9. Each training session must have a signup sheet. The signup sheet should indicate the title of the video shown. If more than one video is shown at the training session, the signup sheet should reflect ALL titles of the videos shown.

  10. TAC must receive the green Record of Attendance sheets and the quizzes within one week of the training session in order to receive TCOLE credit in accordance with TCOLE guidelines.

  11. The videos in the TAC Law Enforcement Video Catalog may not be used for any reason other than educational purposes for employees of your county. Copies of the video may not be made for any reason. Attendees of these training programs may not be charged any cost for this training.

  12. Violation of any of the above rules may result in disqualification of eligibility for your county's participation in the program.