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Liability Coverage

In today’s world, lawsuits against public entities are not uncommon. TAC RMP provides coverage to defend the county if sued and to settle the costs of covered claims. The Pool offers several types of liability coverage to address the unique risks of Texas county government:

  • General liability coverage offers protection from a broad range of exposures arising out of county premises operations, personal injury, advertising injury and contractual liability. Most counties select the base coverage limits that are consistent with governmental immunity in Texas, but higher limits are available upon request. 

  • Public officials liability provides coverage when an official is accused of a wrongful act, such as discrimination, employment related claims and claims arising out of hiring and firing practices. Our custom-tailored program includes coverage for back wages, punitive damage and defense of takings claims. 

  • Law enforcement liability offers sheriffs and their employees, constables and juvenile probation officers liability coverage designed to cover the specific risks associated with law enforcement operations. Our custom-tailored program includes coverage for punitive damages.

  • Auto liability covers liability to a third party when a county driver is involved in an auto accident. We offer a range of coverage options to meet any county’s needs. Most counties choose coverage limits consistent with governmental immunity, but increased limits are available

  • ​Crime coverage protects the county from financial losses that arise from criminal activity such as burglary, forgery, fraud and dishonest acts of employees. 

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