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Retiree Health Benefits Provide a Secure Future

TAC HEBP believes in providing reliable, smart benefits that are attractive to your employees and practical once they have retired. That’s why we provide options for retiree medical coverage through trusted vendor partners. We have benefit plans available for groups with Medicare eligible retirees and their spouses who are enrolled in Medicare A and B.

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CountyChoice Silver - Monumental
Monumental Life Insurance Company provides a comprehensive Medicare Supplement Plan that offers coverage for services that Medicare doesn't. After Medicare pays its share of the approved amount for covered health care costs then the Medicare Supplement policy pays its share, in most circumstances the remaining amount. This plan option through Monumental includes both medical and prescription coverage.
CountyChoice Silver - UnitedHealthcare (UHC)
The UnitedHealthcare comprehensive Medicare Supplement Plan offers benefits and minimal out-of-pocket expenses for retirees. This program includes access to a NurseLine, disease management programs, wellness advice and various discount programs and resource services. Various billing options are available and groups may select medical with prescription coverage or medical only coverage, allowing retirees to find prescription coverage elsewhere.

2014 Medicare and You Handbook

For more information, call or email , TAC Health and Benefits Services employee benefits specialist, (800) 456-5974.