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Sonic Boom is our year-round physical activity program that encourages healthy behaviors and has something for everyone, whether you’re already in great shape or haven’t seen the inside of a gym in decades. The Texas Association of Counties (TAC) Health and Employees Benefits Pool (HEBP) encourages Healthy County members to join the program, participate in its regular challenges and take advantage of the program’s other online features. 

How the Program Works

Employees who register to participate in Sonic Boom during the annual enrollment period are given a SonicPed (ped). Worn on the shoe, the ped tracks all activity walking, running, cycling, etc. It tracks time, distance and even the amount of calories burned. When participants walk within range of a wireless receiver, all of their activity data is automatically, wirelessly uploaded from their ped to their private Sonic Boom website. Participants can log on to their Sonic Boom account to see their stats and the data is emailed to them daily.

Who Can Participate?

Counties who are members of the TAC HEBP Pool are encouraged to participate in Healthy County, our wellness initiative. Sonic Boom is offered to these participating counties.
Any benefits-eligible county employee enrolled in the TAC HEBP Pool may participate in the Sonic Boom program at no cost. Counties may elect to enroll non-benefits eligible employees in the program. A monthly participant fee will apply and will be billed directly to the county. For questions about enrollment, .

Getting started with Sonic Boom is a 2-step process:

Enrollment Period - Need a New or Replacement Ped?

One enrollment period is held during February and March of each calendar year. New users may request a ped during the enrollment period. Current participants who have lost their ped and need a new one may also request a new ped.
During the enrollment period, peds are provided to participating counties by TAC at no cost.

Need a New Battery?

During the enrollment period, current users may order a battery replacement for their current peds at no cost. Please note: All new peds are shipped with one free replacement battery.

The Enrollment Period Has Ended. Now What?

After the enrollment period has ended, the county (or individual employee) will be responsible for ordering program supplies such as peds, Boomer bands or replacement batteries directly from Sonic Boom Wellness. We encourage counties to utilize available Employer Rewards funds if additional Sonic Boom supplies are needed throughout the year or to re-use peds that are no longer being used by past participants.

Activate Your Sonic Boom Account Online

Only NEW Sonic Boomers need to activate their Sonic Boom account online. Employees must have a valid User ID number (9-digit numeric characters found on Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas benefits cards).
If you actively participated in the program last year, you are already registered!


The Sonic Boom program focuses on physical activity, weight management, nutrition and stress reduction. Challenges encouraging participation and friendly competition are staged throughout the year and are fun, educational and occasionally border on being a little wacky.

Inactive Sonic Boom Wellness Account Policy

Healthy County must track participation and program impact in order to justify the financial investment in wellness programs offered to participating counties. While the Sonic Boom program is offered to members of the TAC HEBP at no cost, the TAC Healthy County Wellness Program does incur a monthly fee of $2.70 per participant. As such, Sonic Boom accounts are monitored routinely for activity. Accounts that have been inactive for six months or longer will be terminated to avoid incurring the monthly user fee.
For questions about our Inactive Account Policy, please review our policy below. If you have any questions about your
Sonic Boom account, please email us at .

What is Healthy County’s inactive Sonic Boom Wellness account policy?

Any participant who does not use their Sonic Boom ped or online account within a six-month time period will be considered “Inactive”.
We encourage participants to actively use their ped and/or log in and use the range of resources available through Sonic Boom Wellness when they register an account. To keep your account active, be sure to regularly wear your ped and walk within a receiver so that your activity data can be uploaded to your online Sonic Boom account or log in and access the range of resources available to participants within six months of your last login. Accounts may be de-activated due to prolonged inactivity. Please use your account once you sign up!

What is the purpose of this policy?

The purpose of this policy is to establish guidelines and direction for the TAC Wellness Program regarding the termination of inactive member accounts. The objective of the inactive account policy is to efficiently manage inactive accounts while also ensuring that inactive members are provided sufficient notice that their account will be de-activated.

How does Healthy County determine inactivity?

Inactive account: A participant account is presumed inactive if within the past six months:

  • The participant has not uploaded any ped activity;
  • The participant has not logged into their Sonic Boom account to access the online resources such as Weight Loss Warriors, health trackers, Caught Ya Bein’ Healthy, or Joust; or
  • The participant has not corresponded in writing or by phone with the Healthy County Wellness Program concerning the account. 

Helpful Links

Resources to help participants get started with Sonic Boom including how to activate their account, how to register a ped, ped and receiver troubleshooting tips and more are available on our Resources page and Troubleshooting page.