Sonic Boom Wellness

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The Texas Association of Counties Health and Employee Benefits Pool is offering counties who are members of Healthy County, our wellness program, a chance to participate in Sonic Boom − its annual fitness program that encourages healthy behaviors.

Sonic Boom is a free program that has something for everyone, whether they’re already in great shape or haven’t seen the inside of a gym in decades. TAC HEBP encourages Healthy County members to join the program, participate in its regular challenges and take advantage of the program’s other online features.  

How the Program Works

Each Sonic Boom participant is given a SonicPed (accelerometer) to wear on their shoe. The ped tracks all activity − walking, running, cycling, etc. It tracks duration, speed and even the amount of calories burned. When a participant walks near a receiver (within 20 feet) the data collected is automatically uploaded from their ped to the Sonic Boom website. Participants can log on to their Sonic Boom account to see their stats and the data is emailed to them daily. 


The Sonic Boom program focuses on physical activity, weight management, nutrition and stress reduction. Challenges encouraging participation and friendly competition are staged throughout the year and are fun, educational and occasionally border on being a little wacky.

New User Registration & Ped Request EXTENDED Deadline: March 12, 2014

Only NEW Sonic Boomers need to register. If you participated last year, you are already registered!

Need a Sonic Ped?

New users and current users who need a ped or battery replacement for their current peds can request one. After requesting a new ped or battery, you’ll receive from your county's wellness coordinator by April 14.

8 Week Challenge: Begins April 21, 2014

The Sonic Boom 8 Week Challenge begins April 21 and runs through June 16. There are two incentive levels for 2014:

Level 1: 5,000 steps or 60 minutes of activity per day for at least 40 days to win $50!

Level 2: 4,000 steps or 42 minutes of activity per day for at least 24 days to win $25!

Those who complete Level 1 or Level 2 will receive an award certificate valued at $25 or $50 that can be redeemed from a selection of vendors providing access to more than a million products.