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Maintain No Gain Challenge



Maintain your current weight this holiday season for better health!

For many Texans, having a happy holiday means putting diet and exercise on hold resulting in weight gain. Some Texans gain five or more pounds and don't lose it the following years. Don’t let this be you! Excess weight contributes to several chronic diseases including heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and some forms of cancer. Maintaining a weight that’s appropriate for your height and age is an easy way to stay healthy and save money on health care costs! So, make a commitment to yourself and to your health to remain at your current weight throughout the holiday season this year!


About the Challenge

The “Maintain No Gain” Holiday Challenge is a six-week challenge to gain no more than two pounds during the holiday season through healthy eating habits and physical activity. Take up the “Maintain No Gain” challenge and enjoy the holidays without gaining the extra pounds.

Program GoalsMNG Poster

  • Maintain your weight within two pounds throughout holiday season;
  • Increase your knowledge about healthy eating habits; and
  • Continue being physically active during holiday season.

2013 Dates

First Weigh-in: Mon., Nov. 18
Week 2: Mon., Nov. 25
Week 3: Mon., Dec. 2
Week 4: Mon., Dec. 9
Week 5: Mon., Dec. 16
Week 6: Mon., Dec. 23
Last Weigh-In: Mon., Dec. 30

How to Get Started

  • If you are currently participating in Sonic Boom, please see program instructions for Online Tracking.
  • If you are not currently participating in Sonic Boom and would like to participate in the online version of Maintain No Gain, or you would like to participate in the paper-based version, go to mybenefits.county.org, select “Get Connected” and click on the “Take the Maintain No Gain Challenge” link, or go to www.county.org/maintainnogain 
  • Then click on the “Register Now” tab and complete the online form or sign-up with your wellness coordinator


Program Instructions

Weightloss Warriors pageOnline Tracking

  • Go to https://mybenefits.county.org, select “Get Connected” and click on the “Sonic Boom” link;
  • Click on the “Programs” tab on top left side of your personal dashboard;
  • Select “Weight Loss Warriors.” If you are not registered with Weight-Loss Warriors, select “Get Started” and follow the instructions; and
  • After you are registered, track your weight each week by weighing in using the Sonic Boom Scale or select “Update My Weight” to manually add your weight. 

Paper-Based Tracking

  • MNG ScorecardWeigh-in at a designated facility or at home to record your starting weight;
  • Record your weight each week on your personal scorecard; 
  • Document weekly exercise and consumption of fruits and vegetables to track regular physical activity and healthy eating throughout the holidays;
  • After completing your scorecard, tear off the goal portion of the scorecard and turn it into your wellness coordinator; and
  • Each week you complete the goal will count as one entry toward the prize drawings. Earn up to six prize drawing entries!

Prize Drawings

Each week you update your weight using Weight Loss Warriors or the paper scorecard, you will be entered in a drawing for a $25 gift card. The more weeks you update your weight online or complete a scorecard, the more chances you have of winning!