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Get Ready for Maintain No Gain Challenge


Ready for the Maintain No Gain Holiday Challenge? Here's How it Works!


Tracking your diet and exercise time is a great way to establish healthy habits and to monitor your progress. Scorecards also serve as your entry for prize drawings.

Take the Challenge

All you need to take the challenge is a Maintain No Gain personal scorecard and access to a scale. To get started, look for the "Maintain No Gain" poster and scorecards at your work site. Or, see your local wellness coordinator  to pick up your weekly scorecard.

scorecard.jpgTrack your Progress

For six weeks, weigh-in and record your weight difference from your starting weight. It's that easy to play. Keep your scorecard close by and record the fruits and vegetables you eat during the day, as well as your physical activity.
You’ll only turn in the goal portion of the scorecard to your coordinator.
Learn more about the Maintain No Gain Holiday Challenge!


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