FAQs for Maintain No Gain Challenge

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Are there teams?
There is no team registration or team prize.

How do I register?
Registering is easy. Visit our registration page. Members who turn in an eligible Maintain No Gain weekly scorecard are entered in the prize drawing. You may enter any or all of the weeks during the six-week challenge.

Are there prizes?
Yes, there are prizes for eligible participants! We’ll be giving away six $25 gift cards. Drawings will be held for prizes at the end of the six-week campaign.

How long is the Challenge?
The Maintain No Gain Challenge lasts six weeks. It begins the week of Thanksgiving and ends after the New Year. Of course, the real challenge is to maintain a healthy weight all year.

Do I have to participate every week to win a prize?
No. Every eligible scorecard or weight update in Weight Loss Warriors that you submit becomes another entry in the prize drawing. So the more weeks you reach your goal the better odds you have of winning a prize!

Where do I get a Maintain No Gain Holiday Challenge personal scorecard?
Pick them up near the Maintain No Gain poster at your worksite, print one or contact your wellness coordinator.

Who is my wellness coordinator?
Find your county’s wellness coordinator.

How do I enter my completed scorecard in the prize drawing?
Return the goal portion of your scorecard to your wellness coordinator at the end of each week or the end of the program. Your local wellness coordinator is responsible for mailing the completed scorecards to TAC for the drawing at the end of the six weeks.

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Information courtesy of Texas Department of State Health Services, Maintain No Gain, Retrieved July, 29, 2010.