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Healthy County Wellness Program

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Be a Part of our Healthy County Wellness Program

The Texas Association of Counties Health and Employee Benefits Pool (HEBP) invites you to participate in Healthy County, our wellness program. TAC HEBP is dedicated to providing consistent, valuable services and support to our members. Our state-wide wellness initiative is a shared-responsibility approach to reducing health risks and decreasing costs of preventable illness. As a member of TAC HEBP, your county has access to the Healthy County wellness program.

Created just for Texas counties and their employees, Healthy County offers a variety of ways for county employees to get — and stay — healthy. Counties enrolled in our group health pool have access to the following programs: 

  • Benefits and Wellness Portal - Access your confidential, online benefits and wellness portal to view your benefits, access claims, find a local provider and much more.
  • 24-Hour Nurseline - Call (866) 412-8795 day or night to speak with an experienced registered nurse who can help with your health care concerns.
  • Condition Management - This voluntary program is available to help you manage a range of health conditions.
  • Benefits Value Advisor – speak to a trained advisor who can help you understand your benefits and find contracting, in-network providers for a number of health care services including CAT or CT scans, MRIs, back or spinal surgery, knee surgery, shoulder surgery, endoscopy or colonoscopy procedures or hip or joint replacement surgery. View an introductory BVA video for more information.
  • Tobacco Cessation Prescription Benefit
  • Medicine Match - Receive reduced co-pays for some maintenance medications when you enroll in Condition Management.
  • Sonic Boom Wellness - Stay active all year round with this fun and interactive physical activity program.
  • Health Assessments - Complete your confidential health assessment online to learn more about your risks for certain health conditions, find out how you can improve your lifestyle and get connected with resources to help you manage existing health conditions.
  • Weight Watchers® - Reduced Weight Watchers fees are availble for onsite classes.
  • 5-A-Day Challenge - Our 2014 challenge begins July 28.
  • Maintain No Gain Challenge - Our 2014 challenge begins November 17.

View a listing of Healthy County Wellness Coordinators.
View our Healthy County Wellness Consultants.

Do you have an inspiring, personal wellness story to tell? Maybe you just ran a marathon after being diagnosed with diabetes, or maybe you quit smoking. Tell us! We want your tales of triumph to help inspire others.