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Insurance adjuster looking at damaged car Royalty Free Stock PhotoTAC Risk Management Pool claims are managed by professional adjusters whose primary focus is to quickly, fairly and accurately adjust claims for Pool members. In-house staff adjusters handle Auto, Property, Crime and Liability claims. Public Officials and Law Enforcement Liability claims are adjusted and managed by experienced lawyers who specialize in these unique exposures. Workers’ Compensation claims are adjusted by a third party administrator with management oversight by in-house claims staff. 

Who to Contact for Claims Assistance by Line of Coverage:

Business Hours (8 a.m.-5 p.m.): (800) 456-5974 - Ask for Claims Department
Claims Hotline: (855) 47CLAIM or (855) 472-5246 
TAC Risk Management Pool's claims hotline is answered 24/7

Auto Physical Damage claims: 
Auto Liability or General Liability claims:  or
Public Officials or Law Enforcement Liability claims:  or 
  Property claims: 
Workers’ Compensation claims:

Claims Fax: (512) 615-8942
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