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Pool & Risk Services

Overview of TAC Pools​

The TAC pools are formed through interlocal cooperation agreements — counties agreeing to collectively self-fund their risk and benefit costs rather than purchase insurance from an unstable commercial market. Over the history of the pools, this approach has saved counties millions of dollars. Each pool has different members and offers different types of coverage. TAC operates three pools on behalf of the counties, each of which is governed by a board of county officials from member counties: 

 TAC Risk Management Pool

 As the Association’s largest pool, members have their choice of the following types of coverage:

Claims are handled by professional adjusters. File a claim.

Risk Management Pool Board Members

Video: Erath County Judge Tab Thompson discusses the benefits of the Texas Association of Counties Risk Management Pool.




TAC Health and Employee Benefits Pool (HEBP) 

TAC HEBP is the largest benefits pool for county employees in the nation. We offer:
  • Employee health and dental coverage
  • Life, accidental death & disability coverage
  • Comprehensive wellness programs
Video: Polk County Judge John Thompson discusses the benefits of the TAC Health and Employee Benefits Pool. 


The Fund reimburses the Texas Workforce Commission for unemployment claims paid to former employees of member counties. Counties participating in this program have opted to be a “reimbursing employer” rather than pay the state unemployment payroll tax, which has generated substantial savings for counties.