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Update: Fiscal Notes Status

By Tim Brown
CIP Senior Analyst

TAC State Financial Analyst Paul Emerson and I are working on the following bills:


  • HB 1729 by Keffer, relating to the sale of surplus leased land by a governmental entity to a private party.
  • HB 1903 by Keffer/SB 1122 by Estes, relating to the sale of delinquent tax receivables by certain local governments.
  • SJR 26 by West (SB 760), proposing a constitutional amendment authorizing the legislature to allow cities or counties to enter into interlocal contracts with other cities or counties without the imposition of a tax or the provision of a sinking fund.


To provide fiscal impact information, please contact Tim Brown at or call (800) 456-5974. Send information on Paul Emerson’s bills to or (800) 456-5974.