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Twitter Is Heating Up

See what your legislator is tweeting. The Texas Tribune has released a list of the 120 Texas Legislators who are participating on Twitter.

The list includes the names of the legislators, their district numbers, whether or not they are newly elected officials and their Twitter handles. As was mentioned at the Texas Association of Counties Pre-Legislative Conference, Twitter is becoming an important tool for following the latest legislative news. Follow @TexasCounties on Twitter to learn about important county issues when they arise. Also, as a refresher, some Twitter tips are included below.

Five Things to Know About Twitter

1. Format
All tweets must be 140 characters or fewer. 

2. Follow, Follow, Follow
Get all your Twitter news in one feed on your Twitter homepage by “following” an account. Here are some accounts you might want to follow:

  • Texas Association of Counties: @TexasCounties
  • Texas Legislature: @TX_Legislature
  • Legislative Library: @TexasLRL
  • TAC County Relations Officer Lonnie Hunt: @LonnieHunt
  • Texas Tribune: @TexasTribune
  • Texas DPS: @TXDPS
  • Gov. Rick Perry: @GovernorPerry
  • David Dewhurst: @DavidHDewhurst
  • Texas House of Representatives: @TexasHouse
  • Your Texas legislators

3. Mentioning Others: 
To mention another user type the "@" symbol followed by the username.

For example:  Just attended @Texascounties conference on 83 Legislature. Lots of work to do!

4. Hashtags: 
Use a hashtag (#) before a word to link to other tweets with the same theme. Use trending hashtags or create your own. Hashtags can be more than one word, but they cannot include spaces.

For example:  #TXlege

5. Twitter Help Center:
Go to support.twitter.com or search for “Twitter Help Center” to find:

  • Twitter basics
  • Twitter 101: How should I get started on Twitter?
  • Get to Know Twitter: New User FAQ
  • Twitter Glossary