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TAC Salary Survey Available

By Tim Brown
CIP Senior Analyst

Quite a few counties are looking at salaries as they work on next year’s budget. Salaries of elected officials and county auditors are available from the Texas Association of Counties. A printed version of the TAC Salary Survey 2010 is available to county officials — simply contact TAC at the number below and make sure we have your correct mailing address.

Unfortunately, as usually happens, a number of corrections were found after the report was printed. Those errata are available online. In addition, a PDF version of the TAC Salary Survey 2010 is also available online which has been updated with all of the listed errata.

Two questions that almost always come up about the TAC Salary Survey are: when will it be updated and what positions are included?

First, TAC updates the report on a two-year cycle, so the next survey will be sent to counties in February 2012 and the report will be available sometime in May 2012. Surveying counties and publishing the salary data in even-numbered years allows us to concentrate on the legislature during the odd-numbered years.

Second, the TAC Salary Survey includes salaries for elected officials who receive a salary from the county plus the county auditor. It does not include other appointed positions nor does it include staff positions.

For questions or comments about the TAC Salary Survey, please contact Tim Brown at or call (800) 456-5974. If requesting a printed copy of the report, be sure to include updated mailing information in your request.