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State to Reduce Juror Pay, County Reimbursement

By Nanette Forbes
TAC Legislative Staff

The minimum jury service fee that counties must pay jurors and the state reimbursements to the counties for those payments will soon be lowered. Currently, a county must pay a person who reports for jury service at least $6 for the first day the person attends court and at least $40 for each day thereafter. The state reimburses a county $34 of that $40.

During the recent special legislative session, the Legislature shifted to the state comptroller the responsibility for determining the jury service reimbursement amount and required counties to pay at least that amount to jurors. The new law authorizes the comptroller to recalculate the reimbursement amount on a quarterly basis.

On Aug. 24, the comptroller established an initial reimbursement rate of $28 to begin on Sept. 28, 2011. The reimbursement amount will continue to be reassessed every quarter, and it may vary depending upon available state funding. The state will not reimburse counties an amount in excess of the rate prescribed by the comptroller.

Counties are encouraged to file their claims for reimbursement in a timely manner. If not, the comptroller may apportion the payment of the balance owed the county. The comptroller’s letter may be viewed on the TAC website.

For additional information, contact Leonard Higgins, Comptroller’s Judiciary Section, at (800) 531-5441, extension 6-6100 or e-mail .