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Senate Finance to Begin Hearings on Appropriations

The Senate Finance Committee is putting SB 1, the Senate’s introduced version of the state budget bill, on a fast track.

The committee has scheduled a series of hearings – Monday, Jan. 31, through Thursday, Feb. 3 – on Article II of general appropriations – the huge area of health and human services. Monday’s hearing will begin at 10 a.m. in Room E1.036 of the Capitol Extension.

Monday’s hearing will open with the committee’s organization, rules and procedures. The Comptroller of Public Accounts will follow with the layout of the biennial revenue estimates and then the Legislative Budget Board will give an overview of the base budget recommendations. Invited testimony from affected state agencies will follow.

The committee’s posted hearings for the rest of the week can be accessed here.

Article II deals with all matters related to health and human services, which will include mental health care funding and other areas important to counties and their taxpayers. From the postings, it appears that public testimony on Article II could begin as early as Tuesday.

For those of you who may want to testify on Article II, we wish we could be more specific at this time. Please feel free to contact the TAC Legislative Department at (800) 456-5974 for updates on the schedule and to let us know if you would like to testify on mental health, indigent health care or other state agency budget items included in Article II.