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Lieutenant Governor Releases Additional County-Related Charges

Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst has released select interim charges to the Intergovernmental Relations Committee and the Health and Human Services Committee.

The charges issued to the Committee on Health and Human Services include: monitoring the potential impact of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act; evaluating the implementation of cost-containment strategies across the health and human services enterprise; examining the delivery and financing of public health services in our state (including how federal funds are distributed to local health departments); reviewing the state’s public mental health system and making recommendations to improve access, service utilization, patient outcomes, and system efficiencies; and monitoring implementation of initiatives to increase state flexibility, including the Health Care Compact and the Medicaid Demonstration Waiver.

The Committee on Intergovernmental Relations has received several additional charges and these include a study of: the impact regulatory requirements have on the price of residential housing; ways to better coordinate existing federal, state, county, and city affordable housing resources; community housing development organizations (CHDOs) and the determination of their tax exemption eligibility by central appraisal districts; the implications for local government corporations to receive a non-profit tax exemption, specifically the impact of property located outside the taxing area of the parent local government; the impact of tax lien transfers on local governments, political subdivisions, and property owners; and ways to assist local governments in reducing the costs associated with procurement. The Subcommittee on Flooding & Evacuations will examine current practices used to provide immediate assistance to evacuated residents and make recommendations based on best practices learned from other states, study and make recommendations on options available to local governments for additional drainage infrastructure planning and study different methods of drainage infrastructure management used on a statewide basis and identify best practices.

The Senate website includes a full list of charges released to date.