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Fiscal Notes Status Update

By Tim Brown
CIP Senior Analyst

The new weekly format for this newsletter presented us with an opportunity to provide county officials and other readers with a status report on fiscal notes. Though the race for speaker of the House is over, the speaker has not yet released committee assignments. This is important to mention because fiscal notes are required only for bills that will be heard in committee.

Consequently, while we have received requests for fiscal information on 19 bills so far, the real flood of requests has yet to reach us. TAC State Financial Analyst Paul Emerson and I have responded on all but two bills:

Emerson is working on SB 273 by Uresti, relating to the powers and duties of certain public improvement districts, and I am working on SB 180 by Estes, relating to the use of eminent domain authority (the companion bill is HB 279 by Geren).

These bills, along with all of the others we’ve worked on for the last two months, are those that the Legislative Budget Board has tried to get an early jump on; they obviously have not been assigned to a committee, but the LBB is trying to get as much work done now as they can so as to even out the work load during the session.

The flood of fiscal note requests should start to build as soon as the committees get organized and then crest sometime in March or April. (It is too soon to tell whether the Census Bureau’s scheduled release of redistricting data in March will impact this timeline.) For the bills listed above, or in any of the forthcoming issues of this newsletter, please offer your comments and analysis. The more we learn from you, the stronger our responses to the LBB and the more thorough the final fiscal notes will be.

To provide fiscal impact information, please contact Tim Brown at or call (800) 456-5974. Send information on Paul Emerson’s bills to or (800) 456-5974.