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Court Changes 2012 Election Calendar

At long last, candidates have been provided a timeline for elections. The U.S. District Court for the Western District of Texas, San Antonio Division, issued an order on March 1 making adjustments to the election schedule for federal, state, county and local officers.

County election officials now have a direction and have begun implementing those changes. Candidates and write-in candidates for various offices have filed for a place on the primary ballot and county chairs have delivered the list of candidates to the county election officer, state chair, and the Secretary of State.

The Texas Association of Counties has prepared a color coded calendar for a quick reference on the timelines stipulated in the federal court order. The Secretary of State’s website has more detailed information on important 2012 election dates.

Calendar of Important Dates for Candidates for the 2012 Primary and General Elections

Federal Court Order Issued on March 1, 2012