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Contact Your Legislators on County Impact of State Budget Cuts

We have reached a critical time in the legislative budget process, and it is extremely important for county officials to contact their legislators and let them know how proposed state budget cuts would negatively affect counties and their taxpayers.

Members of House Appropriations and Senate Finance are currently making decisions about which cuts to make to the state budget (HB 1/SB 1). As currently written, many of these cuts will detrimentally affect how Texas counties operate, placing further strains on county budgets and local taxpayers.

To assist you in having precise information with which to talk to your lawmakers, TAC has prepared information regarding the impact of the proposed budget cuts on county government. The budget documents will be periodically revised and updated as needed.

We strongly encourage you to use these documents to determine how the state budget cuts will affect the operations of your individual county and communicate this information to your legislators.

Please let TAC know the outcome of your contact with your legislator and whether there is any additional information we may provide to you or your legislators. Contact Haley Click at (800) 456-5974 or to relay this information to us.