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Judicial Education Center


The Texas Association of Counties County Judges Education Committee has provided basic support services for producing judicial education programs for constitutional county judges and court personnel since 1984. The committee serves as the repository and reporting agent of information on the judicial education activities of individual constitutional county judges and administers the judicial education grants that fund judicial education activities.
The committee is composed of county judges representing various geographic regions of the state and a professor from the Texas Tech University School of Law. The committee is responsible for all TAC sponsored judicial education and serves in an advisory capacity to other organizations conducting judicial education for county judges.
The goal of the Texas Association of Counties County Judges Education Committee is to develop a progressive judicial education curriculum for constitutional county judges and court personnel designed for the unique needs of new judges, experienced judges, court personnel and county judges with limited judicial responsibilities. Law school professors, jurists and other qualified professionals provide expert instruction for judicial training, curriculum development, needs assessment surveys, and multi-media reference resources. Priorities for this fiscal year include funding travel, lodging and meal expense for constitutional judges to attend one of either Fall or Spring Texas Judicial Academy Sessions or the Texas Probate College and development of regional mentoring workshops.
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